Supply Chain Management Project Report

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PROJECT REPORT ON SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF BAKERY Submitted to Dr. R.S. RAI Project duration: 21/05/2015 – 05/06/2015 Submitted by: Richa Gupta A1802014093 ACKNWOLEDGEMENT The achievement and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any work would be incomplete unless we mention some person as an expression of gratitude who made it possible, and whose constant guidance and encouragement served as a beckon light. I would like to express my grace to Dr. R.S. Rai, my industry guide, by virtue of whom I got the opportunity to work upon this project. This project provided me a platform to gain better understanding of the real world scenario and provided an in-depth knowledge in…show more content…
The operational level of supply chain management is concerned with the very short term decisions made from day to day. The border between the tactical and operational levels is vague. Often no distinction is made, as will be the case in this thesis. METRICS AND DATA COLLECTION Management can be defined as the planning, execution, and control of goal oriented activities. Today's supply chains are too complicated to be controlled based on intuition. It is necessary to haave access to statistical data on the performance of the supply chain.
 . A metric is a standard of measurement of performance. It shows the role of metrics in a control cycle. As we see the metrics give the basis on which to evaluate the performance of processes in the supply chain. They give managers the opportunity to follow the development of the supply chain. We see from the figure that the choice of which data to collect is of utmost importance. Only by collecting relevant data, can relevant metrics be calculated and performance be evaluated. A supply chain in which the appropriate data is not regularly collected cannot be properly…show more content…
Links work better when they share information. Visibility establishes the groundwork for information sharing. It minimises supply chain surprises because it provides the information links need to understand ongoing supply chain processes. LEVEL4: COLLABORATION- Collaboration is achieved through the proper application of technology and true partnerships. Through collaboration, the supply chain can determine how best to meet the demands of the marketplace. The supply chain works as a whole to maximise customer satisfaction while minimising inventories. LEVEL5:SYNTHESIS-Synthesis is a continuous improvement process that integrates and unifies a supply chain. Synthesis harnesses the energy of change to address a turbulent marketplace and ensure customer satisfaction. It is from synthesis that true Supply Chain Excellence is achieved because it enables a supply chain to reach unparalleled levels of

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