Supply Chain Segmentation Analysis

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Definition of the Supply Chain Segmentation Supply Chain Segmentation is designing and operating distinctly different end-to-end value chains which from customers to suppliers optimized by a combination of unique customer value, product attribute, manufacturing and supply capabilities, and business value consideration. (Bender, 2013) . Moreover, Supply Chain Segmentation is a best strategy for all company for fulfill different channel, product portfolio, customer into groups which allows the company to have a different level of service by applying differentiated supply, inventory, and fulfillment strategies. Supply Chain Segmentation is a superior best practice for all companies which is dividing business into discrete groups based on similar…show more content…
However, many company feel that the process of apply Supply Chain Segmentation is a very difficult and complex strategy for the complex global marketplace. Although this is a complex strategy, Supply Chain Segmentation is become more important for now competitive marketplace. The single-supply chain companies is more and more harder and difficult for them to meet the requirement of their target market because the rise of globalization and outsourcing. In this complicated market, the relation and interdependent among company and supplier is very high related to adapting supply chain processes which to meet the need of the customer for…show more content…
The purpose of Supply Chain Segmentation for a company is to use and develop different supply chain management to able fulfill different level need in more efficient and effective ways. Nowadays, more and more international business is apply Supply Chain Segmentation strategy to take competitive advantage in this competitive market and this is the unique and compulsory for them to fulfill their huge customers and distribution channels. So, the single supply chain will be often lost their competitive advantage and very hard to live long in this competitive market place. The most important is, what is the reason for a company to apply the Supply Chain Segmentation and apply the ways to Supply Chain Segmentation is the most important question and issues for a company to pay high attention. Moreover, the botto-line benefits is need to set up by a company and what actions, steps and technologies need to be apply and begin for a company? All this are the issues need be consideration and thinking before apply the Supply Chain
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