The Support Group Analysis

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The Support Group is a bi-weekly meeting of people struggling to overcome an eating disorder, guided by a clinical social worker. This group aims to improve motivation and empowerment to overcome the eating disorder. The objectives of the group work are to reinforce awareness and motivation for change, help initiate a treatment and establish a good disconnection between the own perception and what it really is, accompanying during the therapeutic process to avoid relapses and dropouts and accompanying the recovery of vital projects and social and family relations once the process is finished, in addition to sharing with others the emotions generated by the disorder, and especially the desire to leave the disorder behind. The group…show more content…
All were white-American women between the ages of 25 and 35 years. The group was composed of the leader and four members; however, the leader said that she expected three more people but they had canceled. All were white-American women between the ages of 25 and 35 years. The agenda was previously shared with the members of the group via Email, after the introduction, the leader of the group introduced me to the group, I explained my purpose in the group, although she had already informed them that I would be present in the group, I also explained that I had signed and understood a confidentiality agreement. Despite being few members the group was very dynamic and fun, there was no delay, and the session started on time. When we went to the agenda one of the topics was how the media, society, and the culture of beauty distorts our way of perceiving our own image, and how this affects us psychologically. On the agenda we also talked about the negative thoughts towards ourselves, and how we identify with negative thoughts, allowing them to become part of our own unconscious mind. The leader of the group demonstrated an authentic democratic
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