Support Group Reflection Paper

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I thought that attending a support group would be an interesting experience where I would be able to meet people that struggle with an addiction face to face. I would be able to understand that those people are normal people that we see everyday and think that they do not have any problems. Attending a support group will help me open my mind about how to treat a patient with an addiction and have extra understanding of what they go through. My expectations are to be able to listen to their stories and learn how the addiction works and how they behave. Also, to learn their reasons for doing what they do and how difficult it is to stop without help. A significant event that occurred during the clinical experience was meeting a lady who had attended the meeting for the first time. She…show more content…
I did not know that they had one, which I found out it is a excellent tool as you go working on your problems you feel that you getting there as you pass each step. Besides the steps, I did know that people after five years were still working on the steps, that it takes a long time to finish the twelve steps. The effect on my nursing practice would be that even though a patient told me that they have such numerous years without using a substance or drinking, I will know that they will always be addicted and that will help me with my plan of care, on how I should provide care for that patient and give them support. My thoughts at the completion of the meetings were that I was glad that the school made us go to one of these meetings. It was such a pleasant experience, they were so content to see that nursing students were there willing to learn about their problems and to learn how to treat them. That made me think how imperative I am going to be as a nurse to those people, and after experiencing this meeting, I will have additional knowledge and compassion for people with

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