Support Strategy: Grandparent's School Routines

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Support Strategy 1: Grandparents will be consistent with the home routine before school using PECS. The teacher will have pictures ready with a schedule strip to be sent home with A.E. A.E.’s grandparents will set the strip up near where A.E. comes in the house so this will be A.E.’s visual point to check his schedule on a regular basis. This will carry over into A.E.’s school routine used in the classroom.
Goal: To have a set PECS schedule at home for when A.E. wakes up and gets ready for school. Outcome: A.E. will be able to use his PECS in his morning routine that will carry over into his school routine. A.E. will become familiar with his routine and over time he will be able to do it without the use of PECS and possibly
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will have social activity with others after school. Activities can involve playing with toys with caregiver or grandparents. Another activity would be going to the park to play with other children
Goal: A.E. will be able to learn more social skills.
Outcome: A.E. will be able to learn more social skills with others by interacting outside of school with other adults and
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Outcome: A.E.’s grandparents will establish a friendship with fellow parents. These friendships will help support one another with strategic communication to help one another with their children.

Involvement Strategy 2: A.E.’s grandparents will attend school functions, such as carnival day. There there are activities available for A.E. to use his verbal communication skills with others. Grandparents get time to socialize with other parents.
Goal: A.E. will be able to communicate verbally what he wants, need it be food or to play. Grandparents will see A.E. is able to communicate with peers using age-appropriate language to express what he wants to do.
Outcome: A.E.’s grandparents will be able to work together with the teacher and A.E. to understand the needs and wants of A.E. on a regular basis using PECS and eventually just using verbalization. A.E.’s grandparents will understand there are other caregivers/parents with children similar to A.E. and they are not alone with his disease. A.E.’s grandparents will learn new ways of helping their grandson learn through networking with other parents who have children with
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