Essay On Supportive Work Environment

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A healthy and a supportive work environment is important in the life of an employee, the competent employees are more attracted towards the environs which helps them to develop and utilize more skills and abilities and the environs which helps an employee to gain knowledge about the particular field. This type of surroundings also stimulate employee to take effective decision for challenging task. The environment of the workplace should create surrounding in which employees are inclined towards the task, employees taking initiatives, employees are involved in decision making, free to express their views, ideas and creativity, co-workers relation i.e. employees having strong cordial relationships with each other and last but very important is the factor called trust, i.e., employees, employer, subordinates and superiors should have trust on each other and can depend on the directions of whatsoever they say or do. The employees in the organization should always enhance their skills to be more competent, which will force an organization to build and create an environment which is in favour of employees. If…show more content…
Same is with the organization, every single organization consist of positive employees and negative employees. Negative employees are the one who are never satisfied with the conditions or any other benefits provided and who are always complaining about working pattern of the organization and the positive employees are the hard working individuals who will always work for the profit of an organization and always stand in front to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Work environment perception differs from employee to employee in the organization. The same work environment will work as a motivating factor for some employees and hygiene factors for other employees. It totally depends upon the perception of the employee whether they consider it positive or
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