Abstract Art Malevich Essay

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Question 1:
The abstract art that Malevich created was Suprematism; this was based on the use of straight lines. Suprematism as an art form focused on basic shapes like rectangles, circles and squares for their art and they also used a limited range of sharp colours in their work. Suprematism was started by Malevich in Russia in about 1913. Malevich called the art form Suprematism, because he believed it was better than all the art forms of the past. Malevich used the square which is never found in nature to be the subject of his paintings. “Art, Malevich believed, was meant to be useless. It should never seek to satisfy material needs”. “The artist must maintain his spiritual independence in order to create”. His two most famous paintings created using the square are “The Black Square” which Malevich described as the zero of form. This piece of art was basically a black square on white canvas but it took on a life of its own after it was exhibited, it was positioned in the place where Russians would place their Christian icons hanging to the right of the entrance up high in the corner, and became the symbol that Malevich was most known for. Nobody knows exactly what it was meant to represent but some people think it was showing his opposition to the Madonna. If you look
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Each movement created paintings that got the viewer thinking, you the viewer had to decide what the artist was trying to portray. The artists used their imagination to create the finished piece, which for Suprematists seemed to be more about the shapes than the colour, but for me the Expressionists win out as their vast use of different shapes and colours draw the viewer in and makes you feel
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