Supreme Court Case Brief Summary

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US Supreme Court Assignment Please research and write a short summary of each Supreme Court case. Marbury v. Madison (1803) The Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court case was when judicial review, which is when the Supreme Court can veto laws that are deemed unconstitutional, officially began. This court case occurred because during John Adams’ presidential term he appointed Marbury to be a justice of the peace for the District of Columbia. However, his secretary of state did not deliver the document with his order and Thomas Jefferson then became president before the commissions were given. Since Thomas Jefferson had already became president, Marbury was not granted his position because Thomas Jefferson told Madison, his secretary of state, to not deliver the document with John Adams’ orders. McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) The McCulloch v. Maryland Supreme Court case dealt with a matter relating to taxes being made for federal banks being on a state 's land. An act had been previously passed that stated that federal banks could be inside a particular state. However, Maryland then passed an act stating that taxes would have to be…show more content…
Nixon was Republican, and less than half a year before the election, a burglary had occurred in the Democratic headquarters. Nixon said that he was not guilty for the crime that had occurred, but later on video footage was discovered that stated the opposite of what Nixon had said. Congress then proceeded to take the footage, but Nixon tried to stop them saying that since he was president, he had the right to private conversations that no other branch could look at. When this case was brought to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court agreed for the most part with what Nixon was saying however, they said that that was only the case in certain circumstances. They also stated that in a case like this, the judicial branch had the last word, and Nixon resigned from
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