Supreme Court Justice: Mapp V. Wade

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The purpose of the dissent serves in furthering justice is to inform opinions to justify whether each case is constitutional or unconstitutional. For example, in the court case of Mapp v. Ohio, the dissenting opinion of the case is when the Supreme Court justice believes that pictures will be used against Mapp; however, the law enforcement did not refer back to the Constitution. There are cases today where police enforcement violates private affairs and searched without consent. Another important mark in history of important dissents is the court decision between Roe vs. Wade because of the overwhelming controversial issue that remains unsettled about abortion. Roe used the idea of the Fourth Amendment to justify the right to choose to terminate an unwanted or a medically dangerous pregnancy.…show more content…
This violated the equal protection of laws and ruins individuality where government cannot be involved in their private affairs. In modern history, people have the right to decide whether they should have abortion or not; however, some presidential candidate (Trump) or most people across the United States are arguably against abortion. Roe v. Wade impacted the point of views of the Supreme Court today. For example, the Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion restriction to give everyone the freedom to have an abortion. The Casey decision in 1992 limits the right established in Roe, allowing states to regulate abortion in ways Roe had barred. The decision expanded those rights and the abortion law in Texas is considered
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