Supreme Court Justice Research Paper

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1. The supreme court is the highest federal court in the United States. It consists of nine supreme court justices. Federal judges are nominated by the president and approved by the senate. Once appointed the justices will serve on the supreme court for the rest of their lives, unless they are impeached. The court 's jurisdiction is its authority to hear cases of a particular type. The original jurisdiction is the authority to be the first court to hear a case. The supreme court 's most important work is the Appellate jurisdiction, which is the authority to review cases that have already been heard in lower courts and are appealed to a higher court by a losing party. Nearly all cases that reach the Supreme Court do so after the losing party in lower court asks the court to hear its case. The court issues a Writ of certiorari.…show more content…
The Supreme Courts job is not to correct the errors of other courts but to resolve substantial legal issues. The courts own guidelines say there must be "compelling reasons" for accepting a case. When the supreme court accepts a case the majority of the justices disagree with the rulings made in the lower courts. The courts then make a decision indicating which party won the case. Most supreme court justices are biased and act from partisan positions. A partisan is a committed member of their political party: They strongly support their parties policies. Although the supreme court justices should have the option to be able to agree with their party, they should not overlook the actual case. Decision on a case should be because of its background, not solely because a person 's party agreed with it. The supreme court should not be permitted to act on partisan positions. 2. To reduce Partisanship of the court the American public can express their thoughts representively. The people can vote, so whomever they choose has an opportunity to change the biases
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