Microchip Cat Door Case Study

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Product Description
SureFlap Microchip Cat Door uses a microchip implanted in your pet cat’s skin. With a microchip in place, the cat door can easily detect and identify the cat, and create a signal to open the door. This is considered an intelligent cat entry system, only allowing your cat to access the entry/exit door. This SureFlap Cat Door has a central magnet, keeping the flap from swinging, which in turn gives your cat greater security. Since the microchip is implanted, there is no need for cats to wear collar tags. It is a good idea especially for cats not comfortable wearing collar tags. Some pets lose their collars most of the time, so this is the perfect solution. However, if you think implanting microchip into your cat is not a
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Simply, push the program button and let your cats stay close to the cat door. The scanner will eventually recognize and decode the microchip number then it will be registered in the memory of SureFlap.
In some instances, microchip number may not be compatible with the cat door. This problem can be resolved by trying out the latest version of SureFlap, which is the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. This version is perfect for small dogs and larger cats and it is also compatible with almost all microchip.
To test whether the reader can recognize the microchip before it gets implanted to the cat’s skin, you can let it pass through the cat door. If the system has recognized your cat, it will be automatically programmed and retained in the unit’s memory.
How Does SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Functions?
As the micro-chipped cat comes closer to the door, a reader or scanner on the tunnel is designed to read the microchip and recognize the unique ID. Upon recognition, the latch is automatically unlocked allowing cats to push through the cat door using its head or nose. This unit works with passive RFID technology which means locking mechanism to open is not triggered by the implanted microchip. The microchip stores the data, while waiting for the scanner to recognize

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