Surfacing Feminist Analysis

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de of the Americans are to exploit the nature and pollute the nature as an act of fun. Americans always remain in top in violence, modern technology and in destruction of nature for the sake of their national benefits. The juxtapositions of the images if death with bird, abortion with fertility and drowning surfacing are contrasted. The main quality of ration and non-rations are set in the parallel position. In the novel Surfacing, ecofeminist theory is established in three different ways, through the patriarchal society that domination of male over female, through domination and oppression of nature and female in the society, through the protagonists inner conflicts and re-acceptance of nature. The narrator rejects her interior life and the patriarchal society in search of her father. For the…show more content…
She shuts herself in the boxes with full of emotions. At a place, the narrator accepts “I realized I didn’t feel much of anything, I hadn’t for a long time. Perhaps I’d been like that all my life, just as some babies are born deaf or without a sense of touch” (106). She accepts that she experiments emotions, “naming them; joy, peace, guilt, release, love and hate, react, relate; what to feel was like what to wear, you watched the others and memorized it” (112). She prefers “In a way it was a relief, to be exempt from feeling” (39). With not wholehearted, she has tried in relationship with Joe. She says “I want to... I do in a way” (10), asked by her lover if she loves him. She could not act and fulfill the needs according to Joe. She ends; “David is like me...We are the ones that don’t know how to love, there is something essential missing in us...atrophy of the heart. Joe and Anna are lucky, they do it badly and suffer because of it...or perhaps we are normal and the ones who can love are freaks”
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