Essay On How To Surf

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How to surf

There are so many different elements to surfing, small waves, big waves, longboards,shortboards, There is not one right way to surf a wave. “ The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” quotes by Kelly slater who is a 11x world surfing champion and Phil Edwards who is believed to be the first surfer to successfully surf a wave at pipeline in Hawaii.

The most important thing to able to surf is to have a surfboard. For beginners a long board ranging from 7-9ft or a foam board from size 6 to size 9. These types of boards are usually very floatable which means they have a lot of volume, which you need when you start out surfing, waves because your balance on the board isn’t as good yet. This will defiantly allow you to catch more waves for longer and easier. For advanced surfers any dimensions that you like to surf on is right for you. For instance I ride a 5’10 short board which is very wide and has a lot of volume which means I can fly down the waves
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Hold on. Try these first and then have a go in the water. I’m going to take you through 3 techniques on how to successfully surf. Firstly the paddle. Paddling is one of the key parts to surfing and catching a wave. Like it or not you spend most of your time paddling. Whither it is paddling against the current, paddling to the break or peak of the wave, which is the highest point of the wave. Or in most cases paddling to catch a wave. It’s all about position. If you lye on the board to far down you won’t paddle very far and if you lye up the board t much your nose of the board will sink. The key is to have your body evenly weighted on the board, in the middle. (Show) Your head must be up and looking forward and your back must be arched this will increase your balance. And remember to Keep your feet together. This allows you to travel across the water faster. The last step to paddling is your hand stroke. The most common stroke technique is the
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