Essay On Plastic Surgeons

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Plastic Surgeon Job Description
With great precision and care, plastic surgeons help their patients fix physical defects and undesirable physical characteristics through cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. There are two main paths in plastic surgery that surgeons can take – trauma and elective. As a plastic surgeon, one must be able to lead others and handle high-stress levels while making sound judgment decisions. Held with high regard in the medical setting, plastic surgeons are generally higher in the medical hierarchy and will report directly to the head of the department. Notably, some plastic surgeons decide to open their own practice and report to no one.
Plastic Surgeon Duties and Responsibilities
The main goal of a plastic surgeon is to perform both
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Cosmetic surgeries can vary from breast augmentations, breast reductions, liposuction, and facelifts. Reconstructive surgeries deal with facial, head, neck, and hand reconstructive surgery as well as burns and other trauma-related deformities.
Prescribe Medication
Patients may need to be prescribed pre- or post-surgery medication depending on the necessary procedure. The most common type of medications prescribed by plastic surgeons are painkillers such as Vicodin or Percocet. Other medications that are commonly prescribed are sedatives and antibiotics to help prevent infections after surgery.
Patient Follow-ups
After a surgical procedure, it is necessary for plastic surgeons to follow up with their patients. Follow-ups are conducted frequently to ensure the proper healing of wounds and incisions. This sometimes can consist of stitch removal, examinations, and educating the patient on proper healing techniques and wellness.
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