Surgery In Charlie's Life

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Charlie should not have gotten the surgery because his intelligence gained from the operation is not permanent this causes him serious pain. When he has had the surgery, he may die this affects Charlie greatly he also gets suicidal thoughts. Lastly,Charlie has no friends or family towards the end and the surgery causes all these problems for Charlie. This story is about a person named Charlie, who has a learning disability and has had surgery to fix this and allow him to become smarter, but with this, he gets many dreadful side effects. The treatment was an unsatisfactory idea and Charlie should not have the opportunity to get surgery how would he know if it is a effective idea or not. Charlie also made it very clear that the surgery made him feel extremely awful and that he should not have had the surgery. If Charlie had the knowledge forever the surgery would be a success During the story, Charlie believes being smart is very important, but understands the surgery does not permanent results, but when he figures out that he will lose this which causes him distress. When Charlie says ‘Oh god, please don 't take it all away '(Keyes 23). The quote explains why he should not have had surgery if he is going to forget it all in the end because he might be depressed for the rest of his life because of the fact that it is not permanent. As the story progresses, Charlie becomes smarter and with this, he understands the side effects and about the way Algernon turned and his
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