Surgery Persuasive Speech

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Charday Williams: New Orleans, Louisiana
Philosophy of Surgery
As I stand over the well anesthetized body I contemplate my first cut, knowing that the scar left from my blade at one point, will be a sign of happiness, completeness, freedom! This will be freedom from any misery my patient may have dealt with. I analyze my patient in every way to make sure this is what is best for them so that once the surgery is over I can receive one of the biggest payments known to man, gratitude. A lot of people may look for a monetary pay out from something like this but I look forward to a smile followed by a thank you. This is what makes me feel complete. Knowing that someone trusted me enough to cut them open and find the issues and then make them better. This is true love, this is surgery.
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Isn’t this what makes a doctor, a doctor? The passion for my job will be written all over my face as I walk through the hospital knowing that “today I will make someone’s life better!” This for me, is true happiness. The tears, the smiles, the ups, and the downs are all worth is when you do something that is for you. It may sound cliché but I really do believe if you find a job that you love you’ll never work a day in your life. And that’s always something to look forward
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