'Surgical Interns In Grey's Anatomy'

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is a hit NBC show that centers on surgical interns that as the show progresses they move higher up until they eventually become attending surgeons. It has been on the air for thirteen seasons and continues to thrive. The creators of the show consult with real-life surgeons that way they can make depict show as accurately as possible to what real surgery would actually be like. However, the show has gotten many critics on how the surgery is in real life and how different it is to be an actual surgical intern. Many doctors have written the show to let the creators know what they are doing wrong. If the average person is watching the show, they probably cannot detect the errors made, but if a surgeon was to watch the show, they…show more content…
She claims that, “by portraying the residents’ lives as exciting, dramatic whirlwinds, the show makes real-world residency seem less difficult” (Kirzner). The first point that Kirzner makes in her article is that the interns do not get to go into brain surgeries or any big surgeries until they are properly trained, and in the show, the interns are going into big surgeries on their first day. She says, “during my intern year, my biggest pet peeve was watching the interns on the show go into operating rooms for big, complicated cases such as brain surgery every day. Typically, interns on a surgical service take care of the patients on the floor” (Kirzner). In the show the interns are in the operating room, watching and helping out on surgeries and in real life they usually take care of the patients before and after their surgery and are not present during the actual surgery. Rather than being in the OR the interns will mostly do the scut work ,which would be stuff like drawing stat labs, putting in orders for nurses, talking to the patients’ families, going around with social workers, taking the patients to get tests done, and getting patients ' signatures on consent
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