Surrealism In Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong

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Surreal When Mark Fossie brought his girlfriend Mary Anne Bell, many soldiers among his platoon was surprised. Because bringing the girlfriend and hanging out in military was totally against the rule, especially during the war time in war place. First few weeks were nice to both Fossie and his girlfriend, however, along few days and weeks later his girlfriend started to change. It is quite natural to have some changes on unfamiliar land, environment, and by facing the war directly. Nevertheless, her change was pretty unnatural. On the chapter “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” mostly the surrealism occurred because of Mary Anne, and some by green berets. As the chapter goes along the surreal mood became stronger. “ At the girl’s throat was a necklace of human tongues. Elongated and narrow, like pieces of…show more content…
And the word of Mary “...Sometimes I want to eat this place. The whole country - the dirt, the death - I just want to swallow it and have it there inside me.” the expressions that she’ve used was insane, strong metaphor showed how she’ve gone so far from the world. “Mary Anne was still somewhere out there in the dark. Odd movements, odd shapes. Let at night, when the Greenies ware out on ambush, the whole rain forest seemed to stare in at them - a watched feelings - and a couple of times they almost saw her sliding through the shadows.” As these quote, the chapter included many figurative languages, especially imagery, metaphor, and simile, to set more intense and more surreal mood. As it goes toward the end of the chapter, the surrealism hit the peak. As well as the flow, the chapter end with blown up result. Along the chapters I red, there were many chapters with surrealism, however this particular chapter “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” showed the direct surreal mood. The surrealism of this chapter, could be shown as the truth of war, the violence, the blood, the insane situation, it is surreal, yet it is real, because the subject war is the surreal

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