Essay On Surrogate Mother

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37 years ago, the first test-tube baby was born in England. It gave homosexual couples and infertile couples a chance to have a baby which is blood related. As the advancement of the science and technology helping the exponential growth in human knowledge, more and more couples turn to reproductive technology. As a result, surrogate mother appeared. What is a surrogate mother? A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry someone else’s baby. The surrogate mother carries the baby to term and gives birth, and the baby is released from the hospital to its intended parents (Family Formation). Although surrogate mothers help more and more homosexual couples and infertile couples having a consanguineous baby, there are many ethical and legal…show more content…
Nowadays, there are a lot of countries or cities are not allowed to hire a surrogate mother to carry a baby for commercial properties like Australia and Hong Kong. Therefore, the countries which surrogacy is legalized like India, Thailand and United States etc. have become popular for surrogacy. The charges for surrogacy are low in the developing countries like India. Many people are attracted to hire a surrogate mother in India because of the lower fee. Also, surrogate motherhood brings hundreds of millions incomes for India. Ramila Solanki is a typical surrogate mother in India. She got 250,000 rupees which is equals to her salaries of 15 years as rewards after carrying a baby that not her blood related. The couple who hired Solanki had also given her an extra 150,000 rupees as tips (Malaysian Insider, 2009). It seems that it is a considerable income for Indian. However, surrogate mothers cannot receive any compensation if they get hurt after surrogacy. Also, in the Indian culture, women can only carry the babies that belong to her husband and her flesh and blood. Consequently, the surrogate mothers need to carry the baby secretly. Although surrogate motherhood is an ignominious job, they need to earn money for their families. Thus, if surrogate motherhood being allowed, it will depreciate the value and dignity of
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