Surrounding School Shootings

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Have you ever wondered what the minds of those responsible for school/mass shootings were thinking? In some cases, we CAN see inside the minds of these individuals/groups. How? With psychology. Through exploring frequently asked questions about the world of criminal psychology, we can learn so much about society. What phenomena is there surrounding school shootings in the US? Why is there so much talk of mental health in anticipatory crime? Whether we see it or not, there is a phenomenon in surrounding school shootings in the US. This phenomenon is about society’s beliefs or expectations of school shootings. Most people in the 2000’s would associate violent movies, games, and “modern ideas” to acts of violence committed by youth. "Modern…show more content…
Like the Americans with Disabilities act, most people are not aware of the advantages of a law such as this. The issue of mental illness about teens is often debated online as well, with some well written situations such as, “(A sick man is depicted in bed, with a man standing beside him. The standing man is speaking.) ‘I get that you have food poisoning and all, but you have to at least make an effort’ (A woman’s hand is severed and another woman is attempting to console her) ‘You just need to change your frame of mind. Then you’ll feel better.’ “ There are many of these examples depicted online, and while some may find them “stupid” or “whiny” you must take the time to consider that just like a physical illness, a mental illness is serious. This is why, in high schools and middle schools where we don’t have counselors available for children and teenagers who most obviously need help, the problem could evolve into one of much more severity. An example of this could be a child who has separated parents, but a great school life. Said child is popular at school, but one day a classmate notices that whenever the two have playdates, they almost always go to one of two different houses, and now they’ve singled out a child who is different. Now, because of his parent’s separation, he is distanced from both his peers and teachers, and now his grades began to plummet. At this point, it would be both wise and appropriate for a school counselor or a responsible, safe adult (parents, a trusted teacher, a sports coach, etc.) should know that this child obviously needs some kind of guidance. Without this said guidance, the child may develop antisocial behavior, and, like the example made in our book, he may begin to befriend other antisocial behaving children, which may lead to drug use or abuse, then
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