Narration In Cinema Analysis

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Surveillant Narration in Cinema and Television Surveillance narration is cinema and television illustrates the ideas of new technologies as a form of expression that takes an interest in how we feel about being watched and how this technology is able to control us. It criticizes both the benefits of having these technologies and the negative aspects of using technological advances to monitor individuals. This has become part of our daily lives and how it influences the way we act towards this technology (Levin, p.578). Our right to privacy is criticized through all forms of media, however, cinematic narration uses this to bring awareness to the lack of privacy we have as citizens. As new technologies arise, we are less free to express ourselves…show more content…
Harold, the creator of the facial recognition machine, originally developed this machine to catch acts of terror and prevent them from happening. However, this technology started to watch over ordinary individuals, which involves questions of depriving citizens of their right to privacy. The show’s concern is the danger of using surveillance to watch people every hour of the day, and how technology can easily turn against you. It implies that a machine can govern citizens and control every aspect of their life if not used carefully. In season 4 episode 5, Harold speaks to the machine about being the admin, but he knows something is completely wrong. It seems like the machine started to develop her own identity and was taking control of the admin. Admin is Harold, the creator of the computer system who is aware that the computer system created to watch people has developed their own identity. The computer starts to hack its own system, and Harold becomes afraid that the system will escape into the real world. Implying that the computer is so powerful it could govern us one day. However, it leads you to question if someone hacked into the system and became admin themselves. This example criticizes the dangers of surveillance as a powerful tool to govern our lives someday. As far of a concept as it may seem, technology still needs humans in order for it to develop or transform. However, it is always implied that surveillance systems will develop a mind of their
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