Survival Essay: Island Survival

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Island Survival Essay

There are many things you need for survival. You might need shelter, a fire, and something that signals to others in planes or boats that you need help. In the book “The Cay” TImothy has a plan for his and Phillips survival. It is a good plan because he has already made a shelter, a help signal, and a way of saving the only fresh water they have. Timothy’s plan for survival is good because he made shelter right away. Page 64 of “The Cay” says “It was a hut, he said, about eight feet deep, with supports made of wood he’d picked off the beach.” It is important that he did this because the article “Survive Nature” says “Finding shelter is an important aspect of survival. You need to find a place to rest, while protecting yourself from the elements, such as wind and rain.” These are the kind of things Timothy most likely had in mind when he built the shelter before he anything else. “How to survive on a desert
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“The Cay” says “He’d picked up bamboo lengths on the beach and had fitted them together into a short pipe to funnel the rain water into our ten gallon keg.” A quote from “How to survive on a desert island” that supports this being a good plan is “ Thunderstorms will provide a lot of water so having plenty of things to collect water in will make life much easier.” This quote shows that Timothy making a pipe to collect the clean rain water into their kag was something that was a big part of helping their survival. “Survive Nature” says, “Use any containers you can find and set them out in order to catch any rainwater that falls. You can use large leaves to catch raindrops and funnel them into containers.” This proves that Timothy was able to make a good plan using the resources around him to make something so that they were able to get as much water as they could. These quotes and many more prove how Timothy saving the rain water was very effective in keeping them
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