Survival In Salva's A Long Walk To Water

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In the book A Long Walk to Water, the main character Salva must overcome a lot of challenges in order for his survival. He is persistent, a hard worker, and just overall a very lucky young boy. These factors are very big reasons for his survival. After reading the book, readers can see that one of the main factors for Salvas survival is hard work. Salva gets water and does housework for the old woman he considers family. In the text it states “He worked hard so she would not send him away.” (18) Salva worked hard, to have a place to stay during the fighting. Salva helped with the boats so he could get over the river faster. The text explains “It was hard work running back and forth between those cutting and those weaving.” (43) This means Salva is an achiever because instead of not helping because he was a child, he helped all the adults and got reeds. Salva leads a group of thousands of boys to Kenya with his dedication and determination. The text states “I will get us safely to Kenya, he thought. No matter how hard it is” (81) This demonstrates Salva being a hard-worker because he is helping thousands of boys cross to Kenya. Salva’s labor shows he will do anything to survive, and nothing will stop him. Once Salva started walking, another factor of his survival kicked in, He was a very lucky young boy. Salva was very fortunate because he didn’t get shot or attacked by crocodiles. In the text it states “Stunned, Salva realized that being forced under the water had
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