Survival In The Crazies Movie

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Survival can be very difficult. It not only has to be someone wanting to kill you, or chasing you. It can be in many ways. For example, trying to survive when someone wants to murder you. It can be many ways, like fighting for your life in a hospital. One example can be the special marine forces of the United States. They were putting their own lives at risk, and they had to survive at any cost.

The movie “The Crazies” features a small town where a man, and his wife who are trying to survive not to get infected from a virus that is spreading. To defend his wife, and himself in order to survive he needs weapons. Many ‘Infected’ people are trying to kill him, and he has killed many. But, for him to be safe he has to go to the nearest city, which is 103 miles away from their town. Throughout the miles both the man, and his wife have put their lives in danger to save people. The worst thing isn’t the infected people , the operators had announced they will drop a nuclear weapon in that town. They had to get to the city as soon as possible!
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With zombies are scary , and dangerous like the movie “The Crazies” the movie was great, but if you think trying to survive in the movie was very hard. The zombies not only did they eat you, but they would run very fast too. The wife, and the man escaped from them, but not only the zombies were the problem, the big problem was that the marines were going to kill every person they saw either if they’re infected or if they weren’t. The good thing is that both the man, and his wife escaped from the zombies, and the
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