Survival In The Wild Analysis

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Only the strong survive in the wild. Buck learns life lessons about the wild, how to survive in the wild and how to use his strenght as a natural instinct. Bucks instinctes are important but he must also learn how to adjust in the wild. He changes over the course of the story. Buck must use hes instincts and survival skills to lead the pack. Buck also teaches the readers about survival, stenght and natural instincs.

Buck had to be determined in order to survive. “He would see to it he never went down”. Buck learns his first lesson in survival when he is bitten for the first time by another dog. “ he had enough, and suffered from perpetual hunger pains…….. He watched and learned. When he saw Pike, one of the new dogs,
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So that was the way. No fair play. Once down that was the end of you. Well he would see to it that he never went down.” Buck learns he second lesson when he see Curly get killed. “Bucks first day at Dyea beach was a nightmare. Every hour was filled with shock and surprise. He had suddenly been jerked from the heart of civilization and flung into the heart of things primordial. No lazy sun-kissed life was this…… here was never peace, nor rest, nor a moments saftey.” buck learns another lesson of survival, stength and instinct. Buck never see a dog fight before and his first experience has taught him an unforgetable lesson. “ Curly was the victim. There was no warning, only a leap in like a flash, a metallic clip of teeth, a leap out equally swift, and Curlys face was ripped open from eye to…show more content…
“ Close in under the sheltering rock Buck made his nest……. But when Buck finished his rations and returned, he found his nest was occupied. …...its was Spitz. Till now Buck avoided trouble with his enemy, but this was too much. He sprang upon Spitz with a fury which surprised them both, and Spitz paricularly….. Spitz never losr an opportunity of showing his teeth. He even went out of his way to bully Buck.” He not only needed to learn how to survive in the cold snowy winter but also with other
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