Survival Knife Research Paper

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Survival knives will help you if you are lost in the jungle, lost in the woods or even at home. These knives come in different styles and with different attachments or accessories. Most knives have stainless steel blades or high carbon steel blades. High carbon steel knives are very sturdy and will maintain a very sharp edge. The military presents these type of knives when going out on tactical duty so that they can feed themselves and cut their way through the brush. These knives are great for cleaning fish and small animals when hunting.

Survival Knives

Hunting type survival knives come in pocket style knives, fixed blade knives, throwing knives, machete type knives, and boot knives. These are all good when hunting for game or walking through
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This knife contains a razor sharp blade and a rubber handle for a firm grip. This knife includes survival kits such as compasses, matches, needles, safety hooks, or thread. This one knife will allow a person to kill their food and cut the brush to cook the food. The needle and thread would allow a true survivor to take the skin from the animal and make boots or hats by sewing the fire together.

A fixed blade knife is one that will be included in a nylon type or leather type pouch. This knife’s blade does not bend or store inside the handle. It is one solid piece of cutlery. These knives vary in length and style. These knives are best for killing big game or cutting through brush.

The machete style knife is one that helps cleaning brush or working outside. They can be good if in the jungle to cut fruits from treetops. There are many styles of these from the curved machete to the straight blade.
A boot knife also known as a standard military knife will make a great weapon when fighting against people or big game. This knife will help you survive if you come across wild animals while hunting. Most of these knives carry a double-edged blade and are part of the survival knives. This type of knife is a “Rambo” favorite. These knives are known for easy concealing or hiding and are carried by many

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