Survival Techniques In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies is a novel by William Golding. The novel is about British schoolboys that are involved in a plane crash where they are stranded on a tropical island. The boys elect Ralph to lead, but Jack wants to lead too. Ralph is the protagonist of the story whose main focus is to keep the fire lit, and Jack is the antagonist of the story who is also the leader of the hunters later in the book. Jack changes some of the boy 's mindsets from civilization to savage survivalism. The change results in a break in a group. The techniques that the boys used in Lord of the Flies share similarities, but also differ from human survival techniques. The moment the boys realize they are stranded with no adults, they deal with any emergencies. When…show more content…
As a result, Jack searches the island for Ralph in order to kill him. While Jack is searching for Ralph, he sets the forest on fire to make Ralph come out of hiding. Finally, Ralph comes out of the thicket and makes a run for it. Jack and his group are chasing Ralph until he reaches the beach and notices an officer standing there right in front of him. The rest of the boys get to the beach in astonishment that they are rescued. The officer thinks Ralph is being chased as a game when in reality Jack was trying to kill him, “‘Fun and games,¨ said the officer” (Golding 200). He can’t believe these boys would lose all rules of civilization. Although Ralph had many signal fires set off it was the forest fire that Jack started that lured the naval officers to the island, “‘We saw your smoke. What have you been doing? Having a war or something?”(Golding 201). After that, they later got saved. Human survival techniques and the techniques the boys use in Lord of the Flies are similar, yet different. The boys had to build a civilization from nothing with the leadership of Ralph. Some techniques they used including signaling for rescue through fires, building huts, and collecting nuts, fruits, and meats. The way you think while stranded is what’s going to determine if you live or die. William Golding illustrates civilization and savagery are more closely connected than the book
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