Surviving Boys In The Film 'Lost Boys' By Peter Pan

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I can connect the surviving boys in the novel with the Lost Boys from the animated film, Peter Pan. In the movie, the Lost Boys are dressed in animal skin outfits and march, around the island of Neverland, in a straight line behind the leader, Peter Pan. Similarly, the young stranded boys in the novel march in two lines wearing unusual clothing.
At first, Piggy was just a young boy with poor eyesight, a weight problem, and asthma. As the tale progresses Piggy speaks up and shares his intellect. When the other surviving boys are mindlessly following Ralph’s orders and talking over Piggy’s advice, Piggy angrily declares that the boys need to act more proficiently if they want to get off the island. Piggy personifies the superego, the moral conscience,
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While Simon walks in the wilderness the butterflies appear beside him. Simon is kind-hearted and connected with the wildlife on the island; therefore, the butterflies are attracted to the virtuousness inside him. The dead pig’s head is out of place in the environment of the once serene island and gives off an abnormal and threatening mood, so the butterflies flee the Lord of the Flies’ presence. These beautiful and colorful creatures epitomize purity and innocence.
As Ralph is elected chief and takes control of the group of boys he establishes the theme of the necessity of order. Ralph plans his first step of survival by scouting the island with two other boys. He carries the conch shell and has the most power. By determining what everyone should do, Ralph creates a civilization where everyone is an important part. He is the ego, which considers reality and balances the need for the id and the superego.
Simon symbolizes an essential, spiritual human kindness that is truly connected with nature. Simon represents morality and compassion, where Ralph represents the orderly forces of society. Jack the immature, primitive urges the response against such order. Each character balances one
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