Surviving Not His Mom's Secret Gary Paulsen Analysis

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The story's main character Brian Robeson some other Important characters are his mom ,his dad, and the man that his mom was secretly seeing. When brian crashed into the lake his main goal was to find food and survive. His whole personality changed he was all about surviving the most important thing was Surviving not his Mom's Secret.

The author of hatchets name is Gary Paulsen. The story takes place in the 1980’s during the summer. This time was important because if it was during the winter he would of had no chance for survival. it would have been too cold for him and the lake would have frozen so if he crashed into it he would have got hypothermia.

The major conflict is when brian mom cheats on the dad and divorces him which lead to brian crashing in a plane. Then he had to adjust to life in the forest of canada. His problems were internal he was all alone in the wilderness dealing with flashbacks like his mom’s secret about how she was seeing a man behind his dad’s back. He went through so much like a hurricane and seeing a bear up close.
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This all happened when brain went back into to the plane and got the survival bag. When brian first got it he turned on the transmitter and didn't think it worked. Then a guy picked up the signal and then saved brain.

So in conclusion Hatchet is a great book. I like the book because it shows that you can survive with something as little s a hatchet. It shows how easily everything can change in your life. This could be better if brain actually told his mom he knew her
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