Surviving The Holocaust In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Surviving the Holocaust

Elie Wiesel went through one of the hardest periods of time any man has ever encountered, and lived through to tell about it. The Holocaust was truly one of the most horrific events of discrimination, persecution, and genocide. Elie reveals his story through Eliezer in his novel Night. Some would expect a man who has gone through such terrible times to lack in perseverance and kindness. However, Wiesel displays his willpower, faith, morals, and bond to his father throughout this dark and eye-opening book.

Although Elie lost his faith in God, he still had faith in himself. He didn’t need religion to keep him going; he needed food. He became angry with God for doing this to him and his family. He refused to believe this was divinity. This is when his willpower and endurance kicked in. He became set on surviving. He persists through being stripped bare of his family, clothes, and belongings. He runs faster than he ever has before to prove his health. He mostly pushes through to get his father to do the same. The bond between Elie and his father remains stronger than ever through their time in camp.

Elie’s love for his father could be considered the reason for his survival, but also his weak point at times. His devotion led him to giving up his food rations and giving
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His upbringing caused him to have good morals and not condone to bad behavior. He is clever and good at make-believe scenarios. He escaped from getting his gold crown removed by pretending he was sick. He planned on saving it to buy something after he got out of camp, but ended up giving it to a guard to save his father again. Elie believed that man has control over his moral choices, even when faced with extreme circumstances. He wanted to have more control over his faith, and die of something more important than a piece of bread. His morals kept him from dying from a purposeless
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