Susan B Anthony: A Women's Rights Activist

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Susan B Anthony was a women’s rights activist in the 1800’s who led to many of the rights women have today. Born into a Quaker family, Susan B Anthony was incredibly involved with the activist ways of life at a young age. After meeting Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1852, she dedicated her life to women’s suffrage. Susan B Anthony’s actions led to many of the rights women have today. Her contributions include but are not limited to the right to vote, equal education opportunities, and women’s salary equality. Without her contributions, women would not have the equal rights or opportunities we have today. The women’s suffrage movement started in 1848 to gain equal rights for women in several areas including voting, education, and pay. Anthony got involved in 1852 after meeting Elizabeth Cady Stanton and became dedicated to the cause. The first national convention for women’s right was on July 19, 1848. After this the cause grew drastically and became a major issue in the 1950’s. They fought their cause through protesting, movements, leading and joining women’s rights associations, and conventions as well as many other actions and events. By 1920, women earned the right to vote and…show more content…
Susan B Anthony worked for two years at a school earning 110 dollars a year. Shortly after this she found out she was being payed much less than the men that had the exact same job as her. This encouraged her to fight for women’s pay and equality in the work force. In her paper “The Revolution” Anthony talks about the eight hour work day equal pay. At the state teachers convention in 1853, Anthony asked that women be admitted to better pay for women teachers in their profession. Anthony was also big on coeducation rights. She believed boys and girl should be provided with equal opportunities to learn in school. In Massachusetts in 1859, Anthony spoke at the teacher convention to express her opinion about coeducation in
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