Susan B Anthony Analysis

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Are you someone with rights; then let’s see where women’s right movement began.I feel Woman's right to suffrage by Susan B. Anthony was most compelling.It was to persuade the united states that women are people who should have rights. The main ideas are women are people, to make a law it would go against the constitution, and what it means to be a citizen. The emphasis on what the preamble says is the most important main idea. Susan B. anthony goes back to what the preamble and how it says ,“ we the people.” (Anthony.)The rhetorical devices she used are logos, ethos, vocabulary, paragraph structure, and allusion. For logos she use facts from the constitution and dictionary ,” Webster, Worcester, and Bouvier.” (Anthony) this is the same information…show more content…
Some rhetorical devices were sentence structure and vocabulary. To prove she's well-educated she use big vocabulary. “It is an odious aristocracy…”(Anthony)The way she has something she was using rubber compound and simple sentences. One is “...and is therefore a violation of the supreme law of the land.” (Anthony) Lastly this supports that woman should have rights because “ by it the blessing of Liberty are forever withheld from woman and their female prosperity.” (Anthony) Therefor it word break the Constitution. Next women are citizens which is a person when you should have rights. The rhetorical devices used was logos vocabulary and Pathos. For logos she says, “Webster, Worcester and Bouvier all define a citizen to be a person in the United States, entitled to vote and hold office.” (Anthony) Lastly, for vocabulary Jesus the word hardihood. “ will have the hardihood to say…” (Anthony) This proves she is a well-educated person and has the facts to back her up. So you can support a well educated person and get the rights the females deserve. Anthony's speech here is hope and a start towards women's rights.What can be seen that the constitution, not able to make them all and the dictionary definitions are addressed. Anthony tried to persuade people females should have rights.It explains prove women should get right. Anthony took a huge step in women's
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