Susan B Anthony Analysis

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In this excerpt from a speech delivered in 1873 by Susan B. Anthony, the

author directly refutes the inequal oligarchy of sex by stating the contradictions of these

concepts against the constitutions of United States. By heavily emphasizing the

attributes of the democracy, the author reinforces the concept of revolution, which

functioned to provoke woman suffarage movement. In order to effectively state her

position, the author incorporated various persuasive techniques including, reiteration of

the constitutional rights, creating rapport with the readers, and inducement of voluntary

thoughts regards to this matter.

The author is mindfully persuasive from the very beginning, opening her

speech with very clear arguement. She claims
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Lastly, the author induced voluntary thoughts from the readers regards to this

matter. In the last paragraph, the author questions the readers that may sound obvious

and even stupid to some degrees: “Are women persons?”. Obviously women are

human, and it may seem as if there is no need to answer this questions. But, all the

disfranchisement and inequality that prevailed at that time, limited the human rights of

woman. Thus, this rhetorical question was intentionally manipulated by the author to

emphasize the apparent ironic situation, thus stressing the need for the change.

Furthermore, by restating that discrimination against women contradicts the

constitution and laws of the state, while also mentioning similar situation of Negroes,

the author expanded her argument from the feminism perspective to the union of the

United States as a whole, appealing to the readers about her sincere intentions of

promoting United States to equal and just contries.

In conclusion, the author clevelry structure her speech in a way that could effectively

persuade specific audience, United States Citizens. By clearly displaying the

unfairness and contradictions that our society have, the author induced
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