Susan B. Anthony And The Abolitionist Movement

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Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15 ,1820 in Adams, MA. She passed on March 13,1906 in Rochester, NY at the age of 86 years old. Susan B. Anthony was a teacher, before she became a leader figure.

“She had something on her mind again .She was forever planning one campaign after another temperance abolition , women 's rights and forever thinking , writing speeches and going off on long tours .” She intended to vote . The 14th amendment says it does not matter what gender you are if you are born in the USA you are a citizen then , you have a right to vote. Quotes from Susan B. Anthony , Men their rights and nothing more . women their rights and and nothing less . I declare to you you must not depend upon on the protection of man , but must be taught to protect herself , and take a stand. Independence is happiness.I distrust those people , who as well as what god wants them to do , because i notice it always coincides with their own decision . “
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Anthony and her family was part of the temperance movement was a banned of alcohol and making of it , also also Susan B. Anthony family was part of the the abolitionist movement to end slavery.

When Susan B. Anthony died on March 13 , 1906 , women still did not have the right to vote ,but though the passing of the 19th Amendment , women got to vote.Though her hard and her dedication , Susan B. Anthony portrait was placed on the one dollar coin ,making her one of the first women to be
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