Susan B Anthony Arguments Against Abortion

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When the framers in Philadelphia sat down to write the constitution, they never considered the issues of today’s age such as abortion. Abortion today is one of the most controversial issues in America. Abortion may be ruled to be constitutional but there is still plenty of opposition that says otherwise. Abortion laws began to appear in the United States around the 1820s. They forbidden an abortion after the fourth month of pregnancy. By 1900, most abortions, except those ”necessary to save the life of a women,” had been outlawed through the efforts of physicians, legislators, and the American Medical Association. Although abortions were illegal and frowned upon, even with early feminists such as Susan B. Anthony, women were still able to …show more content…

But pro-life advocates argue that when a woman is pregnant, there is another body involved. They argue that the unborn body has the same rights as any other person and has the right to live. Pro-life advocates believe the presence of human life alone defines personhood. An unborn baby is a person just like everyone else that walks on the earth. They may be inside a womb and depended on their mother but they are still people. This is what drives the determined pro-life movement. They believe abortion is the murder of an unborn child. Pro-life is mainly supported by the right wing in the political spectrum. Many supporters of pro-life are part of the Republican …show more content…

It has been legal since the court case of Roe v. Wade in 1973 and still gets plenty of attention now forty years later. According to Zogby International Poll in 2014, sixty one percent of Americans say abortion should be illegal after the fetus has developed a heartbeat, which is about a month into the pregnancy. And only six to seventeen of Americans believe that under any circumstances should abortion be legal. This statistic shows that the majority of citizens do not fully support abortion. It also brings up the constitutionality of abortion. There is no doubt that all people; men or women, have the right of privacy and the right of their own body. The right of privacy is protected by the constitution but murder is not. But in cases of abortion should it be different? Since the fetus is depended on the mother does that make them have less rights than any other person? These questions must be answered before abortion can be ruled to be unconstitutional. Until the public becomes more aware of these pressing questions abortion will still remain legal and constitutional. Both sides have legitimate arguments to defend their beliefs and neither group should be looked down upon by the other for having different values and beliefs. Abortion to this day is still a very controversial topic and one of the most debated issues. There will forever be differing views on the topic because everyone has the right of their own opinion

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