Susan B Anthony Civil Rights Movement

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Disobedience has been the Founding Fathers of this nation in other words, without disobedience there would’ve have not been change. Ever wondered what it would be without the act of disobedience, for example Martin Luther King, well known for the act of disobedience or Rosa Parks. Another example would be Susan B Anthony. Disobedience is the initiative of change for a significant cause no matter what circumstance. Martin Luther King Jr born January 15, 1929 was an African American which was in an era of unfairness for the African American until he rendered the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movements was a movement to ensure equality and fairness for African Americans. This Movement was an uprising turning point for African…show more content…
She wasn’t allowed to express her thought and more than anything had certain activist traditions. She taught for 15 years until she abandoned teaching and joined the women’s rights movement. While Anthony later traveled, and lectured across the nation, she stood up for women. She wanted equal right as men because women were to raise children and be at home all day. Susan saw this as an ignorant act of unfairness when the man is no better than the women. Susan B Anthony partner with another important figure which supported women’s rights named Elizabeth Cady Stanton to lead the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Elizabeth was no differ than Susan, she as well showed disobedience to the uprising of the women rights movement. Susan’s act of disobedience gave equality to women, being still effective today. In conclusion, disobedience has had the biggest growth on social reforms and economic growth. After all the great United States of America wouldn’t be what it is at this moment. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Susan b Anthony are examples of civil disobedience being many out of many, they have all been a part of America’s history. As proven the only effect disobedience has had is a positive outcome even if it took

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