Susan B Anthony Cry Analysis

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In the two text pieces, “Making Sarah Cry” and “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote!”, there is a similar theme, courage, which shows up throughout the passages. In, “Making Sarah Cry”, Sarah shows courage by sticking up for the boy. But in, “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote!”, Susan shows courage by fighting for women to have the right to vote even when she could have been arrested. While both of these text pieces share the same theme, they use it differently because in, “Making Sarah Cry”, Sarah shows courage for one person while in, “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote!”, Susan shows courage for a whole nation by influencing others.

In, “Making Sarah Cry”, the theme, courage, is used throughout this passage. In this text peice Sarah sticks up for
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In this text piece Susan shows courage for a nation. One example of Susan showing courage towards this nation is when the author said, “Although Anthony lost, the trial was a turning point in the struggle for women’s suffrage. Until then, people had ridiculed Anthony as an old maid who wanted to upset the traditional authority of men. But the courage she had shown at her trial won her new respect. Gradually, public opinion swung in her favor. It would take years of struggle, but women one day would win the right to vote.” This shows courage because Susan knows that it could take years to win the right for women to vote and people would make fun of her, but she knows that one day this nation will win the right for women to vote. Another way that Susan shows courage is when she says, “May it please your honor,” Anthony replied. “I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty. And I shall never earnestly and persistently continue to urge all women… that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” Susan shows courage when doing this because she is standing up to the judge and by saying this she could have been put into jail, but she does not care she just wants the same rights for
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