Susan B Anthony Cry Poem Analysis

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The theme for being different is shown in both the passages “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote”, and the poem “Making Sarah Cry.” Susan is different because in the passage she wants to help make a difference. Sarah is different from all the other kids because the boy makes fun of Sarah every day and he makes Sarah cry. In the stories, it shows that being different is not bad being different it can actually make the world a better place. Even though the themes are the same the social implications are different. In “Making Sarah Cry” the theme of the story is being different.In “Making Sarah Cry” when Sarah and the boy were at the playground the boy goes and makes Sarah cry because the boy thought it would be fun to tease Sarah. Sarah was different from all the other kids because Sarah was slow and not as smart as all the other kids. The kids say that she was born without a heart. In my opinion, being different is good because no one is the same. Later in the story, Sarah would make funny faces and stomp her feet and she would shudder when she’d speak. the boy makes fun of Sarah every day and he makes Sarah cry. In the article, it said in quote “ Treat others with respect, son the way you’d want them treating you. And…show more content…
Susan helps make a difference and all the other people didn’t do what Susan did. In the article, Anthony saw in the amendment a legal case of the right of women to vote. Later in the article, it said Selden argued that his client was on trial simply for being women. In the quote, “ has the prisoner anything to say why sentence should not be pronounced?” This was the opportunity that Anthony was waiting for. In my opinion, Anthony in the article was saying she wants to make a difference and let the women vote and that they should have the same rights as the men
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