Susan B Anthony Dares

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The stories Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote and Don’t Give Up The Fight share a common theme of courage. In both stories, the main characters show perseverance. Susan B Anthony challenges equal rights, and Ava sticks up against her track teacher and others. Ava has to work up the guts to tell someone about track and Susan tries to fight for women's rights. Even though both show the same theme, they handle their problems differently. In Don’t Give Up The Fight, Ava doesn't show courage right away. That is more towards the end of the story. In Susan B Anthony Dares To Vote, she shows courage right away. In Don’t Give Up The Fight, Ava shows the common theme of courage. She shows this when she finally tells her friend and a teacher about her track coach and Jacob. In the passage, it says, “ After a moment, I was ready. I described the teasing at practice, the lack of acknowledgment, and Mr. McCoy’s laughing at me. A couple of times I cried out of frustration.” By doing this, she stops getting bullied and is treated better. Ava also shows courage when she keeps going back to track practice even though she was getting…show more content…
In the story, Susan B Anthony shows courage when she sticks up for women’s rights and fights to be equal. This shows courage because, first of all, she was not allowed to speak against the law. She could have gotten in big trouble or sentenced to death. Eventually, she was put in jail. Even then, she still challenged equality for women. It was a crime, but she still did it. This made a big change in the world. Now, women have equal rights and are just like men. Another way that Susan showed courage is when she told the judge that she wasn’t going to pay a dollar of the fine of $100. She said, “May it please your honor, I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty…” She stuck up for herself because she was doing the right thing, in her
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