Susan B Anthony Dares To Play Analysis

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Susan B Anthony Dares To Vote and Don’t Give Up The Fight share the same theme of overcoming obstacles but have different evidence to support it. Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote shows how Susan B Anthony overcame obstacles moreover, she could have been arrested, but, she kept fighting. In the passage Don’t Give Up The Fight, she had to overcome obstacles without letting anyone know that she cared about the bullying. Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote shows how one fierce woman fought for the rights she knew she deserved. In the text it says “Gangs of ruffians sometimes broke into her lectures and threw rotten eggs at her.” This shows that even though she was harshly disrespected, she fought because she knew that whether people liked it or not, they needed women's rights. “One hundred years after her birth, Susan B. Anthony’s dream had come true.” This part of the text shows that Anthony fought for years and years and even though it was after her death, women got equal rights. Without her, it certainly would have taken way longer for these equal rights to come into place. Who knows, we may not have even have women’s…show more content…
In Don't Give Up The Fight, Ava held back, she didn’t give the bullies the fulfillment they needed to figure out she was hurt. If she fought back, the whole story would have changed. Ava wouldn’t of needed help from a friend and the story would have ended sooner without all of Ava’s suffering and defeat. But, Susan B Anthony stood up to the judges and didn’t stop fighting until she got her way. If she didn’t stand up like she did, she would have accepted defeat, making the women's rights movement even more vulnerable. She was a leader and without her will to overcome obstacles she would have been defeated. Unlike Ava who didn’t seem to want to change anything about her suffering. Both of the passages would have changed if the characters had different
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