Susan B Anthony Passage Analysis

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L i t e r a r y E s s a y The passages “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote” and “Don’t Give Up the Fight” share a common theme of hard work. In both of these passages, the characters work hard to achieve a goal. In “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote,” Susan B Anthony’s goal is to earn United States women the right to vote. In “Don’t Give Up the Fight,” Ava’s goal is to show her coach and teammates that she is a great runner even though she is a girl. Although both of the passages share a common theme, the characters’ influences on others are different. In “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote,” Susan B Anthony is working hard to influence to the nation that women should be able to vote. In “Don’t Give Up the Fight,” Ava is working hard to influence to her team and coach that she is an outstanding runner. In the passage “Susan B Anthony Dares to Vote,” the theme is hard work. The theme in this passage is hard work because Susan B Anthony worked hard to earn U.S. women the right to vote. In the…show more content…
In the passage, it states, “You will have to do better, to beat the West Pine ladies. They’re pretty tough this year, especially for girls.” said Coach McCoy. Ava’s coach told her that she needed to do better if she wanted to win at the track meet. This made Ava angry especially because he said it will be tough for girls. Even though he was getting on her nerves, that made her only work harder. She kept on running and worked hard to do the best that she could possibly do. Also, in the passage, Jacob calls to Ava on the bus and asks if she is dead. When she replies no, Coach McCoy tells the boys that they are funny. This is especially annoying to Ava because the boys got congratulated for teasing her. Ava decided to let it go so she could focus on winning the track race. She wanted the teasing to stop, so she worked hard to prove herself
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