Susan B Anthony Research Paper

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Susan B. Anthony (Susan Brownell Anthony) Susan B. Anthony was a prominent feminist author who started the movement of women’s suffrage and she was also the president of the National American Women Suffrage Association. Anthony was in favor of abolitionism as she was a fierce activist in the anti-slavery movement before the civil war. Susan Anthony was born on February 15, 1820, in Adams, Massachusetts, and before becoming a famous feminist figure, she worked as a teacher. Anthony grew up in a Quaker family that made her spend her time working on social causes. And her father was an owner of a local cotton mill. The family moved to New York and Anthony studied at a Quaker school near Philadelphia. Her work as a teacher was to help her…show more content…
Until the Civil war, she never stopped working for the American Anti-Slavery Society. But then she was more focused on pursuing women's rights. She started claiming the rights of both sexes and she established with her friend Stanton the American Equal Rights Association. In 1863 both Susan Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton established the Women's Loyal National League to demand some constitution amendments in the United States. It was the first American Women’s organization for anti-slavery movement as it was the only political tool for women at that time. This organization expanded by the increase of feminists and activists who joined…show more content…
"Failure is impossible" as Susan Anthony stated to assert that she would never give up defending women rights .she believed that women and men should have equal rights. And she spent her life calling for freedom for women, and she was always standing against slavery by all its meanings. When she were young she worked at her father`s mill instead of a woman that got tired and her father paid her money but he paid much more money for the men working there. And while she was a teacher she called for equal payment for both men and women. As men had "no more brains than women". She finally found out that women were the reason for that as they did not own any money. It was because at that time, husbands controlled everything that their wives had. In 1883, the international council of women had been formed by Susan Anthony and her friend Stanton with other delegates of women movements in
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