Susan B Anthony Role Model

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Susan B. Anthony was a great leader during the Women’s Rights Movement, and she was a role model to all women that she encountered. Susan B. Anthony was an effective leader that many people followed including more women followers, leaving an impact on these people’s lives. Susan B. Anthony was a suffragist, abolitionist, author, lecturer, public speaker and a dedicated writer; during the time in history, women could not have a say in politics or legal matters. Although, Anthony did become the president of the National American Women Suffrage Association. Anthony was the type of leader that everyone wanted to follow in her footsteps. Many women followed her, they admired her braver and courage to stand up for what she believed in, justice for all women. Although, Anthony was raised in a Quaker household and developed a strong moral compass early on in life. She devoted much of her life working on social issues, also…show more content…
This is why I choose to write about Susan B. Anthony, because women leaders have a different stance in every aspect of legal matters whether It be for women’s rights or politics. Susan B. Anthony, behind every women leader there is always a path to make sure women are receiving the correct treatment and care as men do. Which is something that women leaders tend to fight for. They work hard to make sure women received the rights that women rightfully deserve. Hence this, Anthony’s traits or characteristics made a major impact on the lives of many people. She sought many and went through many changes in her leadership position that in turn made her community a successful region. After all of her efforts, she did start the women’s rights movement, but she was not able to see the change happen. In 1920, about 14 years after her death, women were granted the right to
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