Susan B Anthony Speech Analysis

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Susan B. Anthony Script

News Station/ Interview

News Reporter 1: Allyson
News Reporter 2: Angela
Susan B. Anthony: Anne
1 & 2


1: Hello this is Women’s Rights News, coming at you live.

2: If you didn’t know someone who was against slavery, the lack of women’s rights, and alcohol back in the day. You will learn about one today.

1: Exactly! Continuing today's special we will be interviewing an outstanding Suffragette. She was born February 15th, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts.

2: She was brought up in a Quaker family with long activist traditions. Early in her life she developed a sense of justice and moral zeal. Please welcome…. Susan B. Anthony!

S: Hello, I’m Susan B. Anthony, a great Suffragette back
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Tell us, what exactly is a Suffragette?

S: A suffragette is a woman who seeks the right to vote through organized protest and civil disobedience.

2: Fascinating. What was life like as a Suffragette back in the day?

S: Well, life was not easy. Many people, men and women alike, were against women’s rights, they were happy with the status quo and did not want it to change.

1: Against women's rights? That's outrageous. I can’t imagine my life without rights like everyone else! Were you discriminated for being a Suffragette?

S: Yes, a lot of people did not want me to visit their stores or do business with them because of my controversial beliefs.

2: I know that you have been a very strong voice in fighting for women's rights, but weren’t you also an abolitionist?

S: Indeed, in 1845 I moved to Rochester with my family and we became active in the anti- slavery movement. Although I was I was opposed to slavery my main concern was women’s rights. Infact an anti-slavery meeting is where I met my dear friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton. 1: When you became active with anti- slavery did you attend any risky abolitionist meetings?

S: Yes, the meetings I attended were not very popular, even though they began to pick up some popularity later
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