Susan B. Anthony: The Women's Suffrage Movement

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This essay will examine women's suffrage and feminism in America during 1820-1877, and one of the women who had played an immense role in the woman's suffrage movements is Susan B. Anthony. How Susan B. Anthony became a focus topic was through research of powerful women in the 1800’s. There is an abundance of powerful and extraordinary women in America, and someone with significance had to be selected. A feminist and someone who believes in women's rights, their right to vote and equality among the genders, Susan B. Anthony is the person. The proposal will be based on Susan B. Anthony, her woman's suffrage movement, and feminism. By reason of, she was the start of something substantial, the beginning of gender equality. Susan B. Anthony was an empowering, vigorous leader. Stanton, Anthony, Stone and Blackwell campaigned tirelessly for women's suffrage, but, “ Found themselves attacked mercilessly by misogynist Republicans who ridiculed women’s claim to full citizenship.” (Evans,123) In an attempt to foil her crusade with charges of “immorality and illegality”, one Republican accused Lucy Stone “and that seed-ward she carries around with her- called Blackwell” of practicing free love” (Evans, 123) As a result of this, Susan B. Anthony broke out of the collaboration with male…show more content…
Anthony decided to vote, as a result, she got arrested and was convicted of illegal voting and was fined $100. She argued that women are citizens too, and should not be punished for exercising her rights. The assignment will be one comprehensive assignment titled, Time Traveler. The machine will go back in time into the 1800’s to where Susan B. Anthony was present. When Susan B. Anthony fought for women's rights and equality, where feminism was starting to bloom. When Susan B. Anthony was arrested and fined for exercising her “ citizen’s rights”. (DuPont, 166) and was not able to speak in her own defense at trial due to gender, (DuPont,
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