Susan B Anthony Women's Right To Vote Analysis

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Thousands of women have screamed at the top of their lungs, clawed at the patriarchy, and tirelessly fought for their rights as citizens of the United States of America. From the beginning of mankind, women have been labeled as inferior to men not only physically, but mentally and intellectually as well. Only in 1920 did women gain the right to voice their opinions in government elections with a vote, while wealthy white men received the expected right since the creation of the United States. A pioneer in women’s suffrage, Susan B. Anthony publicly spoke out against this hypocrisy in a time when women were only seen as child bearers and household keepers. Using the United State’s very own Constitution and Declaration as ammunition, Anthony wrote countless speeches and called for the right to vote in a country that boasted equality and freedom for all, yet women were not included. Her outspokenness began an unstoppable and persistent women’s suffrage movement that inspired hundreds of rebellious women to keep fighting, even after Anthony’s death in 1906, which was fourteen years before the vote was gained. Susan B. Anthony’s speech,"Women 's Right to Vote," given at multiple locations in New York in 1873 for the purpose of women 's suffrage can be understood through the cultural lens of gender.
How can the speech, "Women 's Right to Vote," by Susan B. Anthony given in New York in 1873 for the purpose of women 's suffrage be understood through the cultural lens of gender?
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