Susan B. Anthony's Suffrage Movement

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Susan B. Anthony better known as Brownell was an activist. Anthony was born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts, United states. She was American. On March13, 1906 she passed in Rochester, New York. At the time of Anthony’s death on March 13th only four states – Wyoming, Colorado Idaho, and Utah – granted women the right to fight. It was until that national suffrage became reality. Susan Anthony crusaded against slavery. Slavery was very active in the temperance movement and it helped launch and then sustain the struggle to the right to vote for women. After all the women got the right to vote. Nevertheless Anthony she managed to earn worldwide respect and admiration for her efforts and on behalf of achieving equal rights for women. From 1892 until the 1900’s Anthony she served as the president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.…show more content…
“She opened to woman teaching. She founded the New York State Temperance Society. Here is just some facts about Susan B. Anthony. Anthony was a precious child and learned to read and write at the age of 3. Anthony taught at a female academy in Upstate New York. During the early phase of the civil war Anthony helped organized the Women’s National Loyal League, it urged the case of the emancipation. In 1868 Anthony became publisher, and Stanton editor, of a new periodical, revolution, originally financed by eccentric George Francis Train. In 1872 Susan B. Anthony launched an especially personal and dramatic bid for women’s
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