Susan B Anthony Theme

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The story Susan B Anthony dares to vote and The Watsons Go to Birmingham share a common theme which is being different. Susan B Anthony, in the story Susan B Anthony dares to vote is different because she can’t vote.The Watsons Go to Birmingham Common theme is Being different because they can 't do the things that white people can do like sit on the bus in the front. Susan B Anthony had a less violent protest than The Watsons Go to Birmingham. People died in the Watsons go to Birmingham. In the beginning, Susan B Anthony is different because she was our first started to vote and then she was arrested which was against the law.In the story, it says, “The courtroom was packed for the trial of Susan B. Anthony, the foremost leader of the…show more content…
In the movie theater, the black people have to sit in the back and whites up front. It is like blacks are less than white people. In the middle, The Watsons Go to Birmingham being is being different because At the restaurant the waiter said that if they would call the police Because the waitress said the kids can 't have hot dogs. In the end, The Watsons Go to Birmingham is being different because after Martin Luther King Jr. after he made the speech that 's one black people got the right to vote and it could have. They could ever use the same water fountain schools and everything to use things. Now they can finally use whatever they want without people like what do people were hovering over them.

In Susan B Anthony Dares to vote Had a peaceful protest and it was not Violent at all. People went to jail, people that didn 't get killed, in the text it says, In November 1872, she and 15 other women in Rochester, New York, had demanded to be registered and had voted in the national election. Soon after, all 16 women were arrested. In The Watsons Go to Birmingham, their protest was Violent people went to jail and people got killed. in the text, it said, “They turn hoses and police dogs on us. Did you go to jail? Yes, almost for 2 weeks.” this is how both of the stories are
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