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As guest editor of Star Telegram newspaper, I did what was asked of me and reviewed the article written by Susan Bordo “Never Just Pictures”. Bordo focuses on body image and our perception of beauty and how we are “supposed” to look according to the media. “Never Just Pictures” should be published because Susan Bordo has factual evidence to back up her reasoning to her claim about body disorders, the role that different types of media have on society, and how it is creating a false image of what true beauty really is. In this article, Bordos central claim is for the readers to get an understanding of today’s obsession with body image, and how we are no longer accepted for just our personality and our good traits but for the physique of the human body. Nowadays, society is obsessed with the way our body looks because it is now used as a way to portray what is on the inside. The ideal body image is socially designed as the ultimate goal that one can attain in order to fit-in and be acknowledged in today’s society. The image that society has on the “perfect body” that has been gathered through media, ads and culture, is something that most people have started to “idolize” and are setting…show more content…
In order to deliver her ideas convincingly, Bordo supports her article with ethos appeals from her previous essays and newspaper experience to support her article. A majority of the ads we see in magazines or on television use pathos to target a younger audience, specifically teens who are very impressionable and just want to fit in. Bordo also uses pathos appeal from her own emotion and response. Logos appeal is used to back up her argument from the facts she found from other sources. Logos is also used to show the effect that the media has on society as well as the way we perceive ourselves and those around

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