Susan Brackman's Syllabus Essay

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Susan Brackman’s syllabus consists of multiple aspects I am required to choose three topics that I believe are important to me and how I think those are the most appealed to me.
Three topics are to be picked from the syllabus, in my opinion every aspect is to be noticed and learned, but here I have three unique topics and how I believe they are important.
Those topics are writing, rules and expectations, and attendance make up work and late work. Writing assigned is to be a well written form which should include informative explanatory, narrative, research, and etc. It is very important that your essay is due at the very beginning of class and, submitted to paperrater. Not to just make it very reliable but easy for you to understand
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Being respectful to your priors is top of that list that goes with staff, guests, and teachers it’s always good to be polite. Lanyards are something not to many students are fond of but if you think about it, it 's the most important thing at this school. It has your information, allows you to get your lunch, check out books, and more importantly get inside the school. Attendance it is required to be at school every day on time and make up work should also be given on time unless if you have an excused absence. That goes for make up quizzes, tests, and writing which is only after school once a week. Late work as every teacher says is no exceptions. Being at school could improve your focus and help you graduate High School. Following theses three simple topics is the key to passing in Mrs. Brackmann, with visualizing, and performing everyday. It gives a better understanding not just in English ll but in your other classes as well. Every student should take time to understand what the syllabus is all about and how it could change your behavior and or study skills. Therefore I believe that the syllabus and it 's great way of showing what it 's worth can improve on many students on following
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